Eleftheria Tseliou Gallery

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February 12 − March 14, 2015

Eozen Agopian / Traverse

Eleftheria Tseliou gallery is happy to present Eozen Agopian’s solo show ‘Traverse’. The show opens on Thursday, February 12 and will be on display until the 14th of March 2015.
Eozen Agopian’s work of the last seven years is constantly evolving. Her compositions are becoming more complex and her aspirations more ambitious.
Eozen Agopian  uses constantly  and alternatively the structures of the grid and free motion. The structure of compositions is often in contrast with smaller or larger areas dominated by weave, with figures reminding fragments and zigzags. Thus she puts together two contradictory vocabularies and reconciles them.
In this continuous research, Eozen Agopian involves her outstanding talent which is to combine in a unique way in all her works, the white-black- grey with polychromy. This way, she softens the confrontation between the thrifty and the costly.
The constantly growing ability of Agopian to orchestrate and harmonise the apparent dichotomies in all her works is important. The outcome is what herself calls  « continuity and interruption », an element that essentially determines her whole work.

Michael Walsh
New York, December 2014
Translaton: George Ikaros Babassakis