Eleftheria Tseliou Gallery

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May 9 − June 8, 2019

Ilias Koen / Hardware

Eleftheria Tseliou Gallery is happy to present ‘Hardware’, Ilias Koen’s second solo show at the gallery. The exhibition opens on Thursday, May 9 and will be on display till the 8th of June 2019.
The show consists of a series of drawings and ceramics. Ilias Koen’s knowledge of the materials, their characteristics and their potential, along with his passion for techniques, allow him to deliver his exact ideas for his works.
Koen uses colored pencils and graphite in layers, creating images that are being fused while covering one another. This way he is fully allocating the qualities these materials have, towards the construction of a toy (the epitome of a toy) where the actual work disappears.
In his ceramic works, Koen deals with the essence of ceramic art, which when it is not obliged to serve a functional purpose, it reveals the fragility of its material.
Hardware: tools, ovens, colors, clay, papers, pencils, brushes, screws, sandpapers and more.