Eleftheria Tseliou Gallery

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March 20 − April 26, 2014

Ioanna Gouzeli / Spacesheep

Eleftheria Tseliou gallery is happy to present Ioanna Gouzeli’s solo show ‘Spacesheep’. The show opens on Thursday, March 20 and will be on display until the 26 of April 2014.
Ioanna Gouzeli’s works, are unique prints processed in a particular way, they deal with themes like memory, time, fear and obsessions and have space and the study of space at their core. Playing the role of the astronaut, scholar, and observer, Ioanna Gouzeli detaches herself from the human element and allows the study of the contemporary urban landscape, of its citizens’ experiences and characteristics, while focusing on forms and material elements that determine space, time and a parallel reality. The Spacesheep project observes a modern society that changes fast, while creating and keeping record of stories happening throughout the year while time goes by. It consists of a narrative, the end of which is determined by the reader/viewer.
The Parallel Track, constitutes a parallel act of Spacesheep(www.publicissue5.blogspot.com), and it began on the occasion of the show Public issue by the Openshowstudio and continues still today in collaboration with the visual artist Alexandros Kaklamanos.
Ioanna Gouzeli lives and works in Athens. She graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts in 2011. She has participated in many shows in Greece and abroad as an example Pedio Drasis Kodra 2012, (curated  by Vasilis Zografos),  Lustlands, 2012 (curated  by Nadia Argyropoulou), The Callas, Parallel Tracks, Art Verona, Italy, 2013, Parallel Tracks, BRDG#1, Antwerp, Belgium, The JPO ( journee des portes ouvertes at ISBA, Fine Arts University of Besancon), France, (curated by Rilen Markopoulou) among others. She is a founding member and CEO of Playroom that deals with learning programs utilizing visual arts for children and games through History of Art.