Eleftheria Tseliou Gallery

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June 13 − September 30, 2019

The Still–Life Show

Eleftheria Tseliou Gallery is happy to present ‘The Still-Life Show’. The exhibition opens on Thursday, June 13 and will be on display till the 30th of September 2019.
In brief, the topic of Still- Life in the West exists since the Classical Age and it stops in the early Christian years. It appears again during the Renaissance and it continues uninterruptedly till the 20th century through Modernism. In the Post-War era, we find the topic of Still Life in Pop Art and in the work of great artists like Marcel Broodthaers and the windows of Joseph Beuys. In the 21st century a part of photography deals with the Still - Life, like the electronic and the 3D digital techniques do too. During its history, it often changes content and purpose. This exhibition occurs in the context of the quest to place the Still – Life today.
The show consists of two parts.  In the first part the participating artists create a Still Life in the gallery space, by placing objects of their choice on a low table that runs through the room. The visitors can make their own works by photographing, drawing or taking videos of the installation’s details. Those works will be presented at the gallery at the end of the show.
The second part consists of the artists’ works that deal with the topic of Still – Life.

Participating artists: Antonakis, Maria Efstathiou, Iannis Ganas, Vassilis Gerodimos, George Hadjimichalis, Apostolos Karastergiou, Andreas Ragnar Kasapis, Ilias Koen, Panagiotis Koulouras, Margarita Myrogianni, Rena Papaspyrou, David Sampethai, Kyrillos Sarris, Vasilis Zografos.