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Antonakis is a Greek artist based in Athens working with painting, photography, and ceramics to explore the notion of myth - how does one build a myth, how does it survive in time and how does its meaning change. He extracts interior and psychological spaces from TV series and movies and uses them to create new spaces through abstraction, distortion and a unique visual language referencing Greek modernism. He’s interested in observing what one absorbs without realizing, what sort of images enter living rooms via the screen and how these are stored in the memory of the viewer and the collective consciousness. He does not want to create exact depictions but models of remembrances that question how the passing of time changes the meaning of something proving that what was once considered trashy can gain generation-defining status. It is not just time that has the power to do this but also Antonakis’ way of working: by taking what we know is trashy and by elevating it to another level he fast-forwards the myth-making process enabling us a glimpse into how future generations might see current TV series and movies. By exploring what a myth is, he participates in the myth building process himself.


born in Athens, 1978


2004 - 2006 Master of Fine Art in Fine Art Media, The Slade School of Fine Art, University College London, UK
1998 - 2004 Bachelor in Painting, Athens School of Fine Art, Greece




Slade School Prize


7 songs, Eleftheria Tseliou Gallery, Athens
Blue Rooms That Make A Case For The Serene Shade, New Court Gallery, Repton School, Derbyshire
Objects from the poet’s room, Cycladic Cafe Art Project, curated by Aphrodite Gonou and Atalanti Martinou, Museum of Cucladic Art, Athens
Release The Kraken, Eleftheria Tseliou Gallery, Athens
There Is No Place Like LA (online project), MaidenLA, Los Angeles
Two Johns (duo show with David Sabethai), Eleftheria Tseliou Gallery, Athens 2013
Too Cool For School, Eleftheria Tseliou Gallery, Athens

Rethymno – Los Angeles 11391.480 km, Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete
A Talent For Trouble, curated by Dora Economou, Loraini Alimantiri Gazonrouge Gallery, Athens
You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman (duo show with Konstantin Kakanias), Remap 3, Athens
Introducing Silver, curated by Aliki Panagiotopoulou, six d.o.g.s. project space, Athens
Pediments, Loraini Alimantiri Gazonrouge Gallery, Athens
A Smile in Electra (20 Rooms 2003), curated by Maria Maragou, St George Lycabettus / Kappatos Gallery, Athens


Thermia Project, curated by Odette Kouzou, Chora Primary School, Kythnos Community Tools, curated by Marilia Kolibiri, Back to Athens 9, Isaiah Mansion, Athens
underthesun, curated by Odette Kouzou, Cycladic Village, Tinos
The Landscape Show, Eleftheria Tseliou Gallery, Athens
Cc, curated by Olympia Tzortzi, Callirrhoë, Athens
Bodies in Motion, curated by Odette Kouzou, Alkinois 6, Athens
Mötley Crëw, curated by Margarita Myrogianni, Triantaros Primary School, Tinos Reclaiming, The Edit Gallery, Limassol
Art on Boards / The Skate Project, The Skateroom, Zoumboulakis Galleries, Athens
The Right to Breathe, Greece in USA, Undercurrent, New York
Studio Encounters
, curated by Odette Kouzou, Amphicar Studio, Athens
TAR Exhibition at Koufonisia, curated by Danai Giannoglou, Koufonisi
On the edge of the Blade we run, curated by Alexandros Tzannis and Odette Kouzou, Plyfa Factory, Athens
To Trito Mati (The Third Eye), curated by Jonathan Belli, Belli Gallery / Token, New York
Art Barter Athens, curated by Alix Janta and Lauren Jones, Alkinois 6, Athens Dracula’s Wedding, curated by Charlie Fox, Rodeo, London
The Still-Life Show, Eleftheria Tseliou Gallery, Athens
My Dear Proust / My Sharona, curated by Rallou Panagiotou and Dora Economou, Teleion, Athens
Make a Splash, Zoumboulakis Gallery, Athens

Ceramics, Eleftheria Tseliou Gallery, Athens
Privilege, curated by Chrysanthi Koumianaki, Monitor Fest 2018, Crete
The Poetry of Memory, curated by Eleftherios Ikonomou, Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete
Desired Landscapes, Vessel, Athens
1 + 9, Eleftheria Tseliou Gallery, Athens
Trans-allegoria // in between words, visuals and their opposites II, curated by Lydia Andrioti, Mykonos Bienalle & IFAC Athina, Athens
The Library Show, Eleftheria Tseliou Gallery, Athens
Under the spell of Greek costume (contemporary creations animate The Benaki Museum Collection), curated by Paul Thanopoulos, Costa Navarino, Messinia The Veterans, Dio Horia, Mykonos
Present (DaDa Da Academy), curated by Panos Papadopoulos, IFAC Athina, Athens
love;honey;pheromones;, curated by Rallou Panagiotou, Dio Horia, Mykonos Multiples, Eleftheria Tseliou Gallery, Athens
Modular Modules Mode, curated by Alexios Papazacharias, Eleftheria Tseliou Gallery, Athens
Asthenia #3, curated by Amalia Vekri, Romantso, Athens
Gardens in Progress, curated by Stavia Grimani, Rebecca Camhi Gallery, Athens Kenophobia, CAN Christina Androulidaki Galery, Athens
Tools (Routes in Marpisa 2015), curated by Despina Zefkili and 3 137, Paros
the VELVET Invention [in search of the anti-giraffe: 10 years and counting] (TEN YEARS VELVET FESTIVAL), curated by Nadja Argyropoulou, Romantso, Athens Asthenia #2, curated by Amalia Vekri, Romantso, Athens
Hang ‘Em High #1, curated by Lakis & Aris Ionas / The Callas, Velvet Room, Athens
Summer Show, Eleftheria Tseliou Gallery, Athens
Αναφορά στον Νίκο Καζαντζάκη (Reference to Nikos Kazantzakis), Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete
Κυψέλη (Kypseli), curated by Dora Economou, ReMap 4, Athens
Civilisation (genres and cases), curated by Alexios Papazacharias, metamatic:taf, Athens
Lustlands, vol.II – On The Great Eastern (after Andreas Embiricos), curated by Nadja Argyropoulou and Lakis & Aris Ionas / The Callas, Thermissia Argolidas Ημίχρονο (Half-time), curated by Alexios Papazacharias and Denys

Zacharopoulos, Alekos Kontopoulos Museum, Athens
4daysstand Queer Festival, Occupied Theatre Embros, Athens
Κατακτήριες (Class Exams), curated by Dora Economou, Occupied Theatre Embros, Athens
Tarot will teach you/Burn your money, curated by Amalia Vekri, Frown, Athens Το Πρόσωπο της Ελπίδας (The Face of Hope), curated by Andrea Gilbert, Divani Caravel Hotel, Athens
Berlin Kreuzberg Biennale / The Greek pavilion / Evil, curated by Jannis Varelas, Open Museum / Galerie der Gegenwart / Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg, Pallais de Tokyo, Paris
On being Sane in Sunny Places (Adolescent Athenian Absurdists), Panke, Berlin Petrosphere #2, Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art, Glasgow
High Tech - Low Life, Stigma Lab, Athens
Petrosphere, ReMap 3, Athens
Help Earth, International Festival for Photography III, Gallery Lang, Seoul
Artists Against Homophobia, Red House Center for Culture and Discussion, Sofia Artists for Athens Pride III, curated by Andrea Gilbert, The Breeder, Athens2010 New Life (a flat warming show), curated by Rallou Panagiotou and Rhianna Turnbull, Glasgow
Photo Speaks, International Festival for Photography, Gallery Lang, Seoul
I like to be Adorned, curated by Maria Maragou, Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete
The Last Book, curated by Luis Camnitzer, National Library of Argentina, Buenos Aires / Zentral Bibliothek , Zurich / New York Public Library, New York
The Sneeze Art Fair, curated by Sarbit Girn (Artbelowzero), The Westbourne Studios, London
I like to be Adorned, curated by Maria Maragou, The House of Cyprus, Athens Rooms 2009 (guest appearance), curated by Maria Maragou, St George Lycabettus/Kappatos Gallery, Athens
Culture Industry, Folklore and Clishes at VOX, curated by Lydia Andrioti and Yannis Arvanitis, Athens
In Between Two Centuries, curated by Maria Maragou, Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete, Crete
Artists for Athens Pride, curated by Andrea Gilbert, The Breeder, Athens
Apply Softly, curated by Despina Stokou, Preview Berlin
Capsula, curated by Polina Kyritsopoulou, Berlin
Donna Martin Graduates!, Exerevnitis, Athens
MI2, curated by Konstantinos Dagritzikos, _ _ exhibition space, Athens
One Eighth Moon Festival, curated by Piper Mavis and Sunee Markosov, 76

Kingsland Road Space, London
Banal Circus, curated by Anne-Laure Ponsin, Novas Contemporary Urban Centre, London
666, curated by Thodoris Colovos, _ _ exhibition space, Athens
Terror?, Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco
Land(e)scape, curated by Sarbit Girn (Artbelowzero), The Westbourne Studios, London
New work by Graduates Students, curated by James Roberts, The Slade School of Fine Art, Woburn Square Building, London
Other voices, other rooms, curated by Daphne Vitali and Alessandro Riva, Catania Arte Fiera, Sicely
ProTaseis, version IV: 935 m2, curated by Xenia Kalpaktsoglou and Augistine Zenakos, Action Field Kodra, Thessaloniki
Dialogues II, curated by: Sophia Tournikioti & Maria-Thalia Carras & Alkistis Poulopoulou, Amore Theatre, Athens
Five days of video art, curated by Rena Papaspyrou, Yorgos Houliaras, Zafos Xagoraris and Yannis Melanitis, Athens School of Fine Art, Athens
The majorette-respective, curated by Darling Women, 291 Gallery, London
Life with the Beasts, curated by Christoforos Marinos, Vavel, Athens
Two thousand two, curated by Manolis Babousis, Athens School of Fine Art, Athens
Between others, curated by Manolis Babousis, Athens School of Fine Art, Athens


Flaneur Festival, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin
Mixed & Mastered: Greek Video Art from the 00s, curated by Xenia Kalpaktsoglou and Christoforos Marinos, Centre for Visual Introspection, Bucharest
Radiations, curated by Rallou Panagiotou, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow
Open Air Screening Room, ReMapKM, Rebecca Camhi Gallery, Athens Contemporary Traditions, curated by Chloe Vaitsos, Mikrokosmos, Athens



Athenian Nights, organised by Βarbara Polla, Elli Paxinou and Maro Michalakakos, State of Concept, Athens
Closet #4, curated by Antonis Katsouris, Andreas Melas & Helena Papadopoulos, Athens


Dialogue, Tryfon Art Residency, Molyvos


Under the paving stones, Snehta Residency, Athens 2016
On Elite Now, Kypseli Municipal Market, Athens
Dimitris Liossis - Redefining Transitions, Sarri 12, Athens 2014
You Win Some You Lose Some, Sarri 12, Athens
Nar - I am not here to entertain you, Sarri 12, Athens Loaf - I love my monsters, Sarri 12, Athens
Donna Martin Graduates!, Exerevnitis, Athens


Ciara Phillips. Yours and Mine is Ours, The Benaki Museum, Athens
What is home for you, collaborative workshop with psychologist Eva Papastergiou and artist Kyriaki Arkouli, Kypseli Municipal Market, Athens


Waterbags Premium Collection, (design for a Waterbag commissioned by Agoni Grammi Gonimi), Athens
sign for Loggia Wine Bar, Sifnos
Waterbags, (design for a Waterbag commissioned by Agoni Grammi Gonimi), Athens
Antonakis x Sun of a Beach (design for a beach towel), Athens
Waterbags, (design for a Waterbag commissioned by Agoni Grammi Gonimi), Athens
Watermask by Waterbags (design for Agoni Grammi Gonimi), Athens
Waterbags, (design for a Waterbag commissioned by Agoni Grammi Gonimi), Athens

Make a Splash (design for a limited edition beach towel for Sun of a Beach), Athens 2018
Karavaki, artwork for Christmas card for Minerva Marine Inc., Athens

FUN, collaborative mural with ThisIsOpium (Alexandros Simopoulos), six d.o.g.s., Athens
Savoir Vivre for children (illustrations for Christos's Zampounis book), Ferenilki Publications, Athens


The Prince and the Emperor (Radio show with Augustus Veinoglou) F.A.R. RADIΟ (Temporary Radio Station), 3 137, Athens
Greenhorn, artwork for Xoan album cover, Athens
Οι δεξιόχειρες της μοναξιάς (the right-handers of loneliness), artwork for George Efstathiou book, Odos Panos Publications, Athens
Flat Eye, art project for Myrogianni Jewellery, Athens
Σκιές (Shadows), artwork for Manolis Christodoulou book, Odos Panos Publications, Athens
Η τρυφερότητα των άκρων (the tenderness of the edges), artwork for George Efstathiou book, Odos Panos Publications, Athens
The Vicious Circle (Radio show with Alexandros Simopoulos and Cacao Rocks), Babylon Radio, 3 137, Athens
Φίλα με παντού (Kiss me everywhere), campaign for Athens Pride, Athens

Είμαστε Παντού (We are everywhere), campain for Athens Pride, Athens


The Poetry of Memory, Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete
Το Πρόσωπο της Ελπίδας (The Face of Hope), Futura Publications, Athens “Αναφορά” στη ζωή και το έργο του Νίκου Καζαντζάκη (Reference to Nikos Kazantzakis), Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete
Help Earth, International Photo Festival, Seoul
Photo Speaks 2010, The Society of Korean Photography, Seoul
I like to be Adorned, Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete
Culture Industry, Folklore and Cliches at VOX, Athens
Rooms, Athens

Preview Berlin 08, Berlin
Capsula, Kunst Auf Radern, Berlin
Altre voci altre stanze, Sicily
Action Field Kodra-05 (5th visual arts festival), Thessaloniki
Month of Photography, Athens 2004, Hellenic Centre of Photography, Athens Δοκιμές IV, Διάλογοι ΙΙ, (Rehearsals IV, Dialogues II), Notos Theatre, Athens 2003
20 Rooms 2003, Athens


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Asthenia #2, Athens
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Bebabebo issue #6, Athens
Greece: Traces of today, Imago Mundi (Luciano Benetton Collection), curated by Polina Kosmadaki and Natasha Karagelou, Fabrica, Italy
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Κυψέλη (Kypseli), issue #4, Athens
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Κυψέλη (Kypseli), issue #2, Athens
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Πέντε έργα τέχνης που συγκρατούμε από τις εκθέσεις του φετινού φθινοπώρου (five works of art that stand out from this fall shows) text by Yannis Constantinidis, Lifo (12/12/2021), Athens
Η ιστορία της αδικημένης ηρωίδας ξαναγράφεται (The story of the wronged heroine is being rewritten) text by Louiza Louis, Kathimerini (7/7/2021), Cyprus Η ομαδική έκθεση «Reclaiming» στην Edit Gallery (Group exhibition "Reclaiming" at Edit Gallery), Kathimerini (9/6 /2021), Cyprus
Purple Diary: Purple Art, Dracula's Wedding (15/7/2019)
Antonakis for ΒΗΜagazino, issue 108, September 2019, Athens
Ένας φούξια μοντερνισμός (A Fuchsia Modernism), review by Dimitris Athinakis, Kathimerini (22/10/2017), Athens
To βιβλίο ως ολιστική εμπειρία (book as a holistic experience), text by Dimitris Athinakis, Kathimerini (21/5/2017), Athens
The Face: Antonakis Releases the Kraken, Lifo issue 539, Athens
Ο Αντωνάκης Χριστοδούλου επιστρέφει με την έκθεση “Release The Kraken” (Antonakis Christodoulou returns with the show "Release The Kraken") OZON (15/11/2019), Athens
Antonakis at Eleftheria Tseliou Gallery / Athens, Daily Lazy (16/11/2017)
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Antonakis, interview by Lila Varela, Pezodromio Magazine, issue 25, Karditsa (Off the Record) Gardens in progress, Madame Figaro Greece (16/2/16), Athens Σε αυτήν την γκαλερί υπάρχουν κήποι που εξελίσσονται (there are growing gardens inside the gallery), POPAGANDA (19/1/2016)
Meet me in Athens: Antonakis, Madame Figaro Greece (4/1/2016), Athens
in seiner neuesten ausgabe zeigt „flaneur", dass athen mehr ist als griechenlandkrise (in its latest edition, "flaneur" shows that athens is more than the greece crisis), i-D, Vice (17/12/2015), Berlin
Γιατί ένα Γερμανικό περιοδικό αφιερώνει ένα ολόκληρο τεύχος στη Φωκίωνος Νέγρη; (Why does a German magazine dedicate an entire issue to Fokionos Negri?), POPAGANDA (1/12/2015), Athens
Ο Αντωνάκης ζει στη Φωκίωνος Νέγρη, τον ωραιότερο δρόμο της Αθήνας (Antonakis lives in Fokionos Negri, the most beautiful street in Athens) Lifo (19/11/2015), Athens
Ένας κήπος αναπτύσσεται μέσα στην Aίθουσα Tέχνης «Ρεβέκκα Καμχή» (A garden grows inside Rebecca Camchi Gallery) Lifo (11/11/2015), Athens
David Sampethai and Antonakis, Eleftheria Tseliou Gallery, Review by Stephanie Bailey, Artforum International, Vol. 54 No2, October 2015

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Antonakis, text by Grashina Gabelmann, Flaneur Magazine, issue 5, Berlin Antonakis desperately seeks the Punk of Fokionos Negri, Flaneur Magazine issue 5, Berlin
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TWO JOHNS, interview by Vasso Papagianakopoulou, Madame Figaro Greece, June 2015 issue, Athens
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Αν το Ελληνικό Σινεμά ήταν ο John Cassavetes και Αρχαίος Πολιτισμός οι Masters of the Universe (If Greek cinema was John Cassavetes and ancient cultures were The Masters of the Universe), text by Teamstrut, Mother issue 1, Athens

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TVctionary: Βρυκόλακες vs Χειρουργών (Vampires vs Surgeons), Konteiner issue 6, Athens


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Εϊναι όλες οι ηρωιδές μαζί (She is all the heroines together), Mother issue #3, Athens

Θα μπορούσε να είναι Μούσα (She could be a Μuse), Mother issue #2, Athens