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12 June - 24 July, 2022

Maria Joannou / Wet



'Πάρε τήν λέξι μου. Δώσε μου τό χέρι σου.'

('Here is my word. Give your hand.')

Andreas Embiricos

Εωδοχώρα, 'Αγρα, 1980



The beginning of it all, the first touch that can be shy, that can be bold, that can be on the hand, on the back, on the knee. And then the serenity that comes from the yes, from the acceptance. The promise of everything, and the uncertainty that comes with it. Touching hands that become touching bodies, kisses that become stories. Stories of love, of affection, of lust, of tenderness, of passion.

But in the dark, touching is the universe. Maybe that is why sometimes, when we get carried away by a touch, we close our eyes and the satisfaction we get from it, instantly magnifies.





Touch, smell, taste, hearing and sight. The five senses sometimes become one and this is when a great feel takes over, the feeling of ecstasy. We are full of feelings. Feelings of excitement, fear, anxiety, hope, melancholy, playfulness, vulnerability, joy, feelings of love and of tenderness.


But there is also pain. 





Touching and feeling. Images of the two together. Paintings of human conditions, paintings of details from elaborate stories. And details that intensify the moment. Moments of desire and obsession and moments of peace painted with distinctive clarity. This clarity takes us to what really matters here, the touch, the open, the closed, the ripped, the mouth and all that is depicted in this utmost clarity, like the drops of water, that entail the love, the passion, the intensity and the longing.


Eleftheria Tseliou